CASASECA MEAT GROUP is a company focused on the breeding and fattening of Iberian pork, and the commercialization of quality Iberian meat products. Our young, dynamic organization is motivated, professional and flexible and we all share the same objective: achieving quality, excellence and expertise.

We are among the five main producers of Iberian pork, which puts us in a privileged position within the Spanish agro-food scene.

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We take care of our animals feed production first hand. Its control is essential to ensure a quality final product.

Thanks to our own feed factory we control the complete traceability of the animal's feed during all stages of growth.

All the types of feed that we produce are destined exclusively for the consumption of our animals.

In our facilities, all the raw materials are analysed, before the unloading, as well as the finished feed, ensuring that all the products that arrive at our facilities are perfectly controlled to the highest standards.

Livestock well-being

During transportation, we ensure the best conditions possible for the livestock.

We have a wide specialized fleet of vehicles that guarantees reliability throughout the production process.

Our food transportation vats ensure the feed traceability and biosecurity, from our animal breeding facilities to the feedlots.

To transport our animals, we use trailers purchased from the Dutch company Berdex. These trailers, unique in Spain, are equipped with the latest advances in disinfection and ventilation, thus avoiding animal stress during transport.

Quality and certificates

With a strong current position in the sector, we seek excellence in all our areas in order to represent quality and expertise.

Throughout our entire production process, from our own production of feed, to the care of breeding mothers, piglets and fattened pigs, we aim to put an excellent product on the market for the most demanding customers on both a national and international scale.

We collaborate with prestigious companies that specialise in nutrition and genetic selection, as well as with abattoirs that use the latest technological advances in order to guarantee the appropriate treatment of the animal during its slaughter and subsequent conservation. We also work to ensure careful treatment of the carcass and the rest of the cuts throughout the process.

Production efficiency

We achieve the highest quality by applying the highest level of efficiency.

CASASECA MEAT GROUP, has the best and most modern facilities in the sector. We are pioneers in testing new techniques, products and facilities that go to market, for the constant improvement of our production and results.

In addition to the mother farms, we have a large number of farms, not only our own ones but also integrated livestock systems.


We are committed to innovation and the development of state-of-the-art technology for the improvement of productive capacity and the tracking of the total traceability of our animal feed.

We strive and invest in processes of continuous improvement through R & D projects, to be able to adapt to a constantly evolving sector with the dynamism required to achieve excellence in all our processes. Through our firm commitment to R & D, we innovate while learning to solve the technological challenges of our company.

We collaborate through projects with public entities, such as the CDTI (The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology), as well as through private companies, such as IMASDE Agroalimentaria.