The Iberico pig is our reason for being, and all we do revolves around it.

Our Iberico meats offer a unique texture and quality, which derive from our meticulous control of the production cycle, from the careful selection of our animals (their breeding, feeding and genetics) to the conditions of their transport and sacrifice. We apply health and well-being policies with precision to our animals, complying with rigorous standards, bio-security measures and management protocols in our farms.

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The Iberico pig has a higher intramuscular fat content compared to the white pig breeds. This fat provides a unique experience in terms of juiciness and flavour, improving the acceptance of meat by the consumer.

Due to its privileged genetics, it is the only breed in the world capable of storing large deposits of fats that infiltrate its muscle mass. The infiltration of the fat into the meat, which forms during the final fattening process, creates a magnificent texture of incomparable taste and juiciness. This characteristic of Iberico pork provides the meat with its distinct marbling, which makes this meat a healthy and very nutritious product that is becoming increasingly valued by chefs around the world, who recognise its high gastronomic value.

We work with all parts of Iberico pig. In the following image, you can see you can see the various cuts of the pig.

Bait: pigs fed with feed composed of cereals and legumes and reared in stables or feedlots, under an intensive regime. They can be either 100%, 75% or 50% Iberico.